John French and Familiar: an Undefeated Duo - Waldenbrook Farm - John French
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John French and Familiar: an Undefeated Duo

John French and Tippy Bushkin’s Familiar claim Champion 3’3″ Performance Hunter two weeks in a row! Their first victory came at Blenheim Spring Classic IV. The following week the pair won at the Paso Park Welcome Classic. Congratulations and thank you to Tippy for the ride and to Lumpy Kilham for all your help with a wonderful horse.

The following week at the Paso Park Spring Classic, John and Familiar won the $10,000 National Hunter Derby with the high score of 94!


PC Alden Corrigan Media
Pictured above is owner Tippy Bushkin and trainer Lumpy Kilham at Linda Starkman’s Fantastic Paso Robles Show Park.